6 Things to Remember When Travelling

I am currently planning a trip to Iceland. I found a seat sale so I decided to go for it. Why not? I've got nothing else going on. And, as with my trip to Romania, I've been doing some hard-core pinning on Pinterest. I've got my little Iceland board and I've been reading articles and collecting pictures. All that fun trip-planning stuff. But, amid all of the pretty pictures and helpful articles, there are also a lot of really irritating articles and infographics. They say things like "Don't even bother doing this" and "You need to bring twelve pairs of jeggings for your five-day trip" and "If you didn't eat the fermented shark did you even visit Iceland?" It's just all, in my opinion, really useless stuff. So, I thought I would write a location-non-specific travel advice blog post.  And it's going to be great, trust me. It's going to be based on my travel experiences, so how could it go wrong?

1. Don't Let People Tell You What To Do
If you want to go to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre when you go to Paris, do it. If you want to see Big Ben and the London Eye in London, enjoy! If you want to spend your entire Iceland trip at the Blue Lagoon, go for it. Seriously, don't let people tell you what is worth seeing and what is not. Don't let people get you down about your wanting to see popular sites. There is a reason why they are popular: people like them. Plan the trip you want to take and don't worry about other people and their opinions.

2. Eat What You Want
If you're an adventurous eater, by all means: try the haggis, try the escargot, try the sarmale. But, if that stuff isn't calling out to you, you don't have to try it. I ate chicken burgers three nights out of five in Ireland (Brew Bros in Limerick is bae), I ate pizzas and pasta in Romania. Eat what you want. You don't have to try the fermented shark.

On top of that, if you're feeling a little homesick and just want a McDonalds cheeseburger, eat the cheeseburger. Don't make yourself miserable for some contrived idea of how you're supposed to travel and experience.

3. Don't Let Your Health Suffer
That food stuff said, don't let your health suffer. Eat proper meals, eat when you're used to eating (adjusted for your potentially new timezone). And stay hydrated! Bring a water bottle around with you, fill it at your hotel or hostel. I'm sure a lot of coffee shops will also let you fill your bottle up for free (especially if you choose that shop for a meal!). Eat, hydrate, sleep as best as you can. It's a vacation, a relaxed time for your body, not a more stressful time.

4. Live in the Moment
I like pictures, too. I love taking pictures, I love having pictures, I love looking back at pictures. But you need to experience things as you're there. Take a few pictures, yes! But remember to breathe in the moment, take everything in. I suggest looking and feeling first, then, before you leave a spot take your pictures. Unless it's an animal or an interesting cloud formation, whatever it is isn't going anywhere.

5. Relax
We all want to see everything we possibly can see. We all want to check off everything on our to-see or to-do lists. But I think it's really important to have some down-time. Doing everything might make things seem a blur and become stressful. Take some time to rest your legs and feet, take some time to breathe and to look around. If you're travelling you're not working, you don't really have responsibilities: take your vacation and enjoy it.

6. Be Comfortable
I took a taxis to and from the airport in Bucharest. Why did I take a taxi rather than the much cheaper bus? Because I felt more comfortable with them. A friend of mine stayed in a hotel in London rather than a hostel or an Airbnb apartment. Why? Because that's where she felt comfortable. Don't sacrifice your comfort when you have the means to look after yourself. Besides, if you know you'd feel more comfortable doing one thing rather than something else chances are you're prepared to pay for it. Be comfortable.

Of course, someone might not find these helpful. Someone might be thinking 'But I want to force myself to eat octopus!' and that's okay! It's your trip, it's your vacation. Do what you want. I wouldn't want this to be one of those hard-and-fast travel rules posts, after all.

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  1. YES, MAJOR YES to this! I love the Living In The Moment part especially in this day in age it's easy to get caught up with photos and videos but not actually enjoying where you are and really appreciating it! I too agree if you want to visit something do it, everyone will have their own view on things which you may or may not share.


  2. i can really relate to this! i love to travel and i definitely tend to sometimes go for the more expensive yet safer options as well. can't put a price on safety right? one thing i really need to work on is keeping up my health while i'm traveling, i tend to not eat the greatest because sometimes it's just not as convenient. anyway iceland sounds amazing, have fun!

    danielle | avec danielle

  3. Oh, Iceland! I really want to visit there. Please do take a lot of pictures and share your adventures here.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. I wish that I had read something like this before travelling. These are some really helpful tips and I particularly agree with trying to live more in the moment! :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  5. What a fantastic post!! Completely agree with the health side, I tend to forget about mine when I am so busy trying to get the best tan possible!!

    a life of a charlotte

  6. I am desperate to go to iceland ! You're so right you should see what you want to see it's your holiday and you should spend it the way you like! it's also important not to just take photos but to create memories that you can remember without photos :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  7. These are great tips! There are so many on here that are so important, like doing what feels most comfortable for you and making you sure you eat a good amount at the right times.

    Jemima x

  8. I think for me number 4 is the most important, especially since I started blogging I tend to always just spend a lot of my time away taking photos but I have to remember to just stop for a minute and enjoy where I am.


  9. First of all, your new blog is beautiful!
    Second of all, I definitely agree with "be comfortable". It's really worth spending a bit extra money if you can afford it to not be totally miserable... and what it the point of ruining a holiday?! People always think I'm crazy, but sometimes the easy road is the one to take.
    Natalie @ www.natillie.com

  10. Iceland is amazing!!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I don't mean to tell you what to do - haha!- but the Blue Lagoon at night is magical! Clem x


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