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So, I thought of the idea of a tea tag a few weeks ago and thought I was being oh, so original, but it turns out it wasn't that original. But, because the weather outside is frightful, I thought a warm-beverage-related-post would be apt. So, I have taken some questions from the other tea tags that I found, and  some of the questions I had thought of to create this very important document.

1. Hot or Cold?
Both! Both hot tea and cold tea are good. I drink them differently, though. Iced tea, for me, is more of something I drink anytime, on the go. Hot tea, however, I drink mostly at a more leisurely pace. Also, I don't really drink hot tea once the weather gets a bit warmer.

2. Strong or Weak?
Can herbal tea be strong or weak? I guess they can. Um, with herbal and green teas, though, I don't really have a preference either way. I tend to just leave the tea bags in the mug. With black tea, though, I need that ridiculously weak.

3. Loose Leaf or Tea Bags?
I do prefer tea bags. They're just so much more convenient. Plus, I live in fear of the tea infuser falling forward and spilling scalding hot tea on my face.

4. Favourite Cold Tea?
Pure Leaf and Good Drink both have got really great iced teas. I spend far too much money buying them to drink on my lunch breaks.

5. Favourite Hot Tea?
English Breakfast! One-hundred-percent, English Breakfast is my favourite. Twinings also had a peach-flavoured black tea that I loved. But it seems to have been discontinued. If you live in the UK, please keep an eye open for me so that I know there is hope that I will one day have my love back in my life again.

6. Oddest Tea You've Tried?
Stash have a Red Velvet Cupcake flavoured tea. It was okay, but not really my - are you ready for it? - cup of tea. Um... Yeah, I think I just prefer something a bit more refreshing than cake-flavoured tea. I have also tried Celestial's Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. It tasted like hot chocolate but was like tea... It was a bit unsettling.

7. When Do You Drink Your Tea?
Honestly, I drink tea when I get to work. I just, you know, make my tea then go to work. Sometimes I drink it at nine o'clock in the morning, sometimes I drink it at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. And sometimes I have some after supper when I'm home. It just depends on the day!

8. How Do You Take Your Tea?
Black. I don't take milk or sugar or honey, I just like straight-up tea. You can leave the bag in if it is herbal or green. If the tea is black, though, put the bag in the mug, pour the water, then leave it to sit for, I don't know, twenty seconds at most, then take the bag out.

9. Have You Always Drank Tea?
No! I only began drinking tea when I was in university. And then! A couple of friends and I went for frequent trips to the cafeteria for tea, so it quickly became a habitual kind of thing. My roommate and I, in my fourth year of university, had an obscene amount of tea. Every once in awhile I think of that monster collection and laugh to myself. It was epic.

10. How Many Varieties of Tea are in Your Home Right Now?

Several. I've got three (Celestial's Country Peach Passion, Twinings' English Breakfast, and Life Long Oolong by David's Tea), but then my father drinks Red Rose's Orange Pekoe, and my mother dabbles in tea occasionally and buys a bit of whatever sounds good at the time. Our tea cupboard is out of control.

Who doesn't love learning about another person's tea consumption and habits? That's not really sarcasm, actually, I kind of find it interesting. It's funny to think that there are so many different tastes when it comes to tea: on the surface it all seems to simple! How do you take your tea?
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  1. I don't drink enough tea, but when I do, I love it! I'd like to think that when I get out on my own, I'll have more space to drink tea (we're more coffee drinkers in our house...but it can be too much!)
    I love green and peppermint tea. Like you said - not too hot, and not too cold! That is also the cutest Christmas mug ever :)


  2. This is such an interesting tag! I love tea as much as I love coffee. I drink both bags tea and loose leaf. My favorite one is definitely peppermint tea or green tea with jasmines :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. This is such a cute tag! I also love tea, especially during this time of the year! It's just an essential thing to have for cozy, comfy nights! And I love English breakfast, too!

    Kaylee 🎅ㅣJK's Dawn

  4. Im screaming hahaha I love this! Where do these tags come from? I'm a recent tea drinker and it looks like ive a long way to go. I mostly drink tea in the evenings with friends when having DMCs. Its a less expensive alternative to wine. Starbucks Iced Teas Hibiscus Lemon Iced Tea is my fave!!

    Im not sure about that cake flavored tea tbh or the hot chocolate disguised in tea clothing!

    Ama / Albatroz & Co

  5. Oh I love tea!! :)
    xx finja |


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