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So, I don't know what it's like in your family, but in my family fair trade is a big thing. It's not an obsession or a necessity (we live in Canada: a lot of our products are made, you know, not here), but it's always a nice bonus. Actually, it isn't limited to just fair trade, it's fair trade, or ethically sourced, or organic, or something that benefits more than just the consumer. Now, this isn't going to be a post about Lush because everyone knows about Lush. Instead, this post is going to be about my favourite traveling, fair trade Christmastime market: Ten Thousand Villages.

Ten Thousand Villages has been frequented by me and my family for about eight years now. When they come to town (or, for me between 2011 and 2014, city) we go to them and we typically pick up a bunch of goodies for Christmas gifts. I don't think, realistically, you can enter a room in my house without coming across something that came from Ten Thousand Villages. Christmas decorations, jewellery, home decor, chocolates and coffees, cookbooks, bags and scarves... Ten Thousand Villages has got everything you could need for gift shopping.

An added bonus to the fact that they are fair trade, and that they come to you (!!!) is that you can look up the products on their website. 'Wow, cool, it's like every other shop on the planet' you may be thinking. But hold your horses, guys, there's more information. You can look up the products online, then click on a little link that takes you to a page about the artisan(s) and you can see how buying each product benefits them and their community! While it's nice to know that something is fair trade, it's even better knowing exactly how your purchase is benefiting others.

As far as I know, Ten Thousand Villages is only in Canada and the US, but, I definitely recommend checking them out online if you're beyond the top bit of North America. They've got such cute, beautiful things! Although I do apologise in advance if you fall in love with something and can't get your hands on it. And, just a heads up, this isn't sponsored or anything like that, I just genuinely love Ten Thousand Villages (and have done for years now) so I wanted to share it with all of you (and maybe spread some Christmas spirit somewhat beyond your own front door)!

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  1. What an amazing way to buy your christmas pressies fair trade :) I Love that idea ! It's amazing what a difference it can make and it's awesome that there's a link that will tell you how it benefits the community !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  2. This is such a great idea, I wish there was something equivalent here in the UK. I try to think about the bigger picture when making purchases so this sounds like it just makes that all so much easier. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. Oh wow, I've never heard of Ten Thousand Villages but it sounds like such a cool little thing and I really like the name, also! :) I really like all the little Christmas goodies you got, we get the Divine chocolate in the UK also, and although it is a little more pricey it is absolutely gorgeous and definietly worth it if you want a little special treat. :) <3 Thank you for sharing, lovely! xoxo


  4. Great guide doll! Thanks for sharing

    Kisses & Happy Wednesday,

  5. Such a great post! I love it and I can't wait for Christmas to come :)


  6. I've never heard of this place but I admire that your family have such an emphasis on such a worthwhile cause like Fair Trade. I'll definitely be checking them out! 😍

    Ama / Albatroz & Co.


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