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Another year come and gone! How shocking is that?! It's amazing how quickly time can pass. One thing that does help me realise and  and remember everything about the year, however, is a good ol' favourites post. And that's not just a segue, they do, genuinely, help me reflect on the year - when I'm writing them, that is. You have to think about individual moments and points in time, you take a trip down memory lane in your Netflix viewing history or in your Goodreads read shelf. It's a good exercise, I think.

But, for you, the reader, I suppose favourites posts are just a great way to get a glimpse into another person's life, which is fun, too. So, without further ado, here are my 2016 favourites!

Home Goods
I have two stand-out home-y items in my favourites for the year. The first I have mentioned before, but I just have to mention again: it's my little succulent! I won't go on and on about it, because I have done that already, but it is just so stinkin' cute.

My second favourite is another fairly new purchase, I only got it at the beginning of December or so. But, it's just so fantastic and so handy and so cute that I had to share it. I bought an expander file folder from Coles /Indigo and it is amazing. I realised that I had so many papers and documents that were just around my room and they were pretty important, so the file folder was definitely a necessity. I popped over to Coles (right next door to my place of work) and picked up this baby. It's amazing. I highly recommend picking one up.

Along side my usual favourites  I both discovered and re-discovered some great television shows this year. The first is Degrassi, both Degrassi: The Next Generation, and Degrassi: Next Class. I read one of those Buzzfeed-like articles titled something like '22 Times Degrassi Got Too Real' and it got me hooked back on the show. I picked up where I last watched and binge watched TNG. I then grew attached to the younger characters, so had to watch Next Class, too. It's excellent, especially if you like a bit of teenaged drama that isn't too ridiculous or heavy. Or about vampires.

I also started watching a newer television series, Chewing Gum. It had been in my recommended list on Netflix constantly for awhile, so I gave it a go. Let me tell you, I have zero regrets. The show is funny, the characters are a mishmash of personalities, and it's just all around a good show. If you like coming-of-age type stories with fantastic opening music, I highly recommend Chewing Gum.

I saw several movies in the cinema this year, but I think my favourite might have been The Edge of Seventeen. I found it to be really interestingly made: it's a drama about being a teenager, but it isn't cliched or over the top, it was just really real. There isn't really clique drama, there's not really a popular versus not-popular or a not-popular rising to the top storyline. You can kind of see yourself in the characters, you can see the mistakes you made as a teen. I also found it interesting because, being a few years beyond my teen years, I could laugh about my own then-mortifying mistakes as I saw them come up in the film. It was seriously fantastic.

I had two movies that I watched at home that really stood out, as well. The first was Beasts of No Nation. So. Fucking. Incredible. Pardon my French, but it was fucking incredible. Beasts of No Nation is fictional, but you could easily see how any and all of the events that happen could really happen. It really forces you to become aware of child soldiers throughout the world. It's so eye-opening, and a great piece of drama.

The second at-home movie was Kingsman: The Secret Service. I have not shut up about this movie since I watched it. I knew it would be watchable, at the very least, but I wasn't expecting it to be such a fantastic movie. It's put together so well, there's an even balance of action and humour. And it's not the boring, predictable Mission Impossible or James Bond kind of action and spy film. It's very unique to the others I have seen like it. I was so pleasantly surprised at how incredible Kingsman is.

If I had used the Karma bubble bar properly it would probably be my favourite. However, I tried the crumble method with Karma which wasn't effective in my baths. With the Brightside bubble bar, however, I used the hold-under-the-tap method and Brightside skyrocketed to become my favourite bath product of 2016. The smell is fantastic, and the bubbles are perfect. Plus, while I appreciate shea butter in Lush products, I find I have to shower after baths with shea butter (#oilyskinprobs). Brightside ain't got no shea butter, so it makes for a great any-time bath product.

I have a few photos that I have taken this year that I am really, really proud of. Most of them are from my travels, and the two I am about to share as my 2016 favourites actually from both my first day in Romania, and my first day (my first hour, really) in Iceland. The first is from Brașov, the last stop on one of my tours. It was cold and rainy, but there was mist on the Carpathians and the gloomy weather brought out the gorgeous pastels of the buildings in the Old Town. I love this photo.

The second photo that I want to share is of the Sólfar in Reykjavik. I had just arrived in the city, it was sunrise, and there was actually sun, rather than clouds and rain. With nothing to do until 8:00 or so, I wandered over to Sólfar and captured this beauty. The sky is pretty and  pale, the rising sun is hitting the sculpture beautifully, and the water was flat and calm. I got such a perfect morning for this photo (even if I did have to wait for a fellow tourist to finish up her phony yoga-pose-with-Sólfar photoshoot).

So when I was in university my friends and I watched the film version of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and it was fantastic. And when you see a book-to-movie adaptation that was fantastic, you just have to read the book, don't you? Because you know it's going to be even better in book form. So, I read the book early 2016 and was in awe of it. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an absolutely incredible coming of age story, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

And my last 2016 favourite, and last book favourite, is one I have already written about (so I won't go on and on). It is The Light Between Oceans. Again, it made me feel things. There were so many complex emotions, so many intriguing character motives. Plus, it was set in Australia, and, quite honestly, I don't think I've ever read anything set in the southern hemisphere, so it was a nice change of pace. Unfortunately my copy is trapped behind plastic wrap at the moment (long story), so I couldn't picture it, but it did feature in my October 2016 favourites, which I've linked early in this paragraph.

And there you have it, my 2016 favourites. It's a bit of a long post, but I'm sure if you didn't care about certain bits you can just skip past them. And I did try not to ramble too much! This year has been such a different year for me in so many ways, so it's nice to have a quick round up of familiar, material things. 

Tell me a few of your favourites of the year! Do you share any of mine?

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  1. I absolutely love the little succulent! It really is too adorable. And that filing folder from Indigo is fantastic! I was just in there yesterday and they started getting some of their spring gear out...I couldn't help getting a little excited.
    I really slacked on my reading this year due to work..it'd be great to jump back into it.
    Your photography is awesome, by the way! I'm looking forward to seeing more this year :)


  2. That succulent is simply adorable and I really want to get one for myself. Also, I am very tempted now to watch that movie with Kingsman, it sounds freaking incredible. I've been slacking with books, so I don't have a favourite but I'm aiming to read 30 books in 2017. Let's see how it goes, haha :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. Hey there, lovely! I really enjoyed reading about your 2016 favourites, you gave me some ideas as to what to watch next. :) From your picks, I have only seen Kingsman, and it was pretty good and I liked the humour! I haven't seen any of the others, though, so I will be sure to check those out. :) And you could never go wrong with Lush's Bubble Bars! They always smell so fantastic, and the bubbles you get are insane. :D My favourite one is the Unicorn Horn! <3 xoxo Thanks for sharing, lovely. <3


  4. Your succulent is ADORABLE! I'm looking into starting my own collection this year :D I've heard about the Kingsman movie but I haven't got the chance to watch it yet, my favourite movie I've watched this 2016 has been fantastic beasts and my favourite TV show is friends. Hope you have a great 2017!

    Reine | Sincerely Reine

  5. I don't think I can bring myself to read that book or watch the movie. It just looks so sad!

    Love your plant! Hope you have a good week :)

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

  6. Lovely post. I enjoyed reading it. x






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