6 Times Hostel Life Sucks

Hostels are awesome. Seriously, when you're travelling alone and on a budget there is no better place to spend your nights than in a hostel, in my opinion. You can save money, you can grab a shower, you can make your own food, you can meet friends and new travel buddies; there are so many positives to staying in a hostel. But sometimes you just really, really regret choosing a hostel.

1. The Light is Still On
Granted, it's hard to decide who should be turning the lights off, and when is the right time to turn them off. But, when you're on the top bunk and you're trying in vain to block the light using only your eyelids and your duvet, you really begin to wish you were in your very own hotel room. 

2. Someone is Always Sleeping
Picture this: it's 6:00  in the evening and you've finished your evening meal. You want a night to yourself: read, watch Netflix on your phone/tablet/laptop, write in your travel journal, whatever. The natural light is fading and you want to turn on the overhead light. But you can't. Because someone is sleeping. At 6:00 in the evening. You could go to a common room, but you really do want to be alone for the night. So, you sit on your bed in the dark, the only light coming from your electronics.

3. Your Bunk Buddy is Loud
You begin to wonder how the person below you isn't being awakened by their own snoring. You make pacts with yourself that, should you find yourself in the top bunk in the future, you will simply get settled and lay as still as possible for the rest of the night so as not to disturb your future bunk buddies the way you are currently being disturbed. Even though that isn't a realistic plan.

4. Where Can I Put my Glasses?
Glasses and a phone or small tablet. All I need is a tiny shelf. Why can't I have that? A simple shelf! Maybe I would even put my hair elastics there, too. And my locker key! I want to lock my locker. I don't think it's too much to ask to have a little bedside shelf.

5. Lockers
I love having a safe place to keep my belongings, but it's inevitable: as soon as you lock/closer your locker you will either A) find something you have meant to put away, or B) remember something that you have meant to take out of the locker. Every night, without fail, no matter how prepared and present you think you're being. And they always feel so loud! It's hell trying to open those things while trying to not disturb others.

6. How Do I Get Down?
Bunk beds are what any kid who ever had only a regular bed dreamed of. As adults, however, bunk beds are an unusual form of torture. Straining your arm trying to climb down from the top bed is a real issue! And you can't just use your bunk buddy's bed as a helper if they're sleeping. Also, have you ever tried to navigate a bunk bed in the dark?m

Hopefully this feels relate-able, rather than like a slew of first world problems. They really are meant in good humour, as I've said, hostels are such great and convenient opportunities. Personally, as a solo-traveller, I won't say that some of the best memories from travel are from hostels, but certainly some of the funniest memories are due to hostels and the people I met and encountered during my stays. They're great, but sometimes you just hate hostels. And that's okay.
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  1. I can relate to all of that. The worst time to be in a hostel is when you get sick. Everyone else seems super happy and healthy, and you can never sleep undisturbed and be sorry for yourself.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. I have never stayed in a hostel before! I have had some bad experiences with very cheap hotels though, which resulted in so many regrets... And I don't know, maybe I am just weird but the idea of a bunk bed really freaks me out! If I was on top I'd be too scared that I'd fall... If I was at the bottom I'd be scared that the whole thing would collapse and the person on top would end up falling on me... Weird, I know! D: This was a very fun read, though. :) Thanks for sharing, lovely! xoxo


  3. THis post really made me giggle ! Especially the thought of some poor adult struggling down a bunk bed hehe :) Wanting alone time and being able to turn the lights on when you want would definitely get on my nerves a little bit !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  4. Haha, loved this post! I only been in hostel once and I can so relate about those bunk beds. It's literally a torture! Hard to get in or out and makes so much noise. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  5. Haha! Loved this post! I haven't stayed in many, so had forgotten how awkward they can be. The little shelf thing! Or tiny bedside locker? Something is needed!
    Also, I have been trying an eye mask thing lately to shut out the light and it's working for me :) xx

    Tina x www.teaisfortina.co.uk

  6. Hugely respect you I don't think I could cope with hostel life!

    Lauren x http://www.huggled.co.uk/

  7. You're so brave to travel alone!! :) Lovely post :)


  8. Oh gosh I don't know if I could stay in a hostel, but the experience definitely sounds like one to remember! We don't really have hostels in America, but I'm traveling to Europe in April so I'll definitely be visiting a few here and there. xo

    McKenzie | maybemckenzie.com

  9. I've never been in a hostel before! Awesome post :]

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.com

  10. I've never stayed in a hostel before, but I can bet the thing with not having a bedside table would get to me too! I guess you gotta make-do with some things, huh?


  11. I don't travel so i've never stayed in a hostel! I bet these are really relatable points for many people that have stayed in hostel though! I'd hate to sleep in a bunk bed though - it's okay when you're young but not so much fun when you're older!

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  12. I have not experienced a hostel but I bet it's a cool experience despite some sucky moments. =) It's still an adventure! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  13. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to stay in a hostel! I can imagine that it would be so fun at times but I'm just a scaredy cat! x

    Kate | www.paintingoctober.blogspot.com

  14. I never stayed at a hostel but this is great to know in the future. I am such a wimp and like my space to myself! Must be cheap if you are travelling through Europe though :)

    xo, Yasmin


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