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By Erin MacNeil - 19:20

One day it hit me; I have a shit-ton of stationary. And I don't even know where it all came from. Well, that's a lie, I know exactly where it came from, I just don't remember accumulating so much of it. But, because I think we all like to have a look at some cute-ass stationary, I thought I'd share it with you!

The first piece I have is something you have already seen in my 2016 Favourites post. It's an accordion file folder! It is so cute with its arrow design, and it's so, so handy. There comes a point in your life when your parents stop looking after your important documents and papers, so, inevitably, there comes a time when you need an accordion file folder. Might as well get a cute one!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this piece before, too. I wanted to get an agenda/journal/planner this year, so I picked one up. Slowly I'm getting into the groove of using it and keeping my life on track. Ish. Plus it's just so pretty, and the pages make that paper-squeaking sound when you turn the page, so that's nice.

Sorry to my vegan and vegetarian pals, but up next I have two leather-bound diaries. Clearly I have no issues with the leather. The one on the left is so soft, and it has a little wrap-around cord. I'd been lusting over them for months and months, and finally asked for it for my birthday or Christmas last year. The one on the right is a gift from a friend, I actually just got it a few days ago. Apparently it's made of Italian leather, and the notebook bit is removable, also known as refillable, which is super handy. I'm not currently using either, as I am still using another journal, but that is almost full, so I'll have to make the transition soon.

Oh, hey, it's the journal I'm currently using! I've had it for a few years, now, and it's just so fantastic. The cover design is beautiful, and the pages are painted (or whatever) in gold on the edges. Inside I write down all the things that you want to remember in your life: vacations, time spent with friends, lists of my current bath products. All kinds of great stuff. The little notepad next to the journal is really cool, as well. It's a notebook made in the style of Japanese kyougi notebooks, so the pages are made of very thinly sliced wood. You can see knots in each page and all of that, it's really fantastic. Plus it smells nice.

My sister was working at our local bookstore at the time of the most recent Harry Potter book release, and they did a midnight release party. I wasn't buying, but I stopped by to see all of the excitement and decoration. I ended up picking up this set of three floral notebooks. They're really great, and quite handy. When I went to Iceland I didn't really want to bring my hardcover journal, so, to save space, I brought one of these to keep track of my days, my money spent, and all that. They're great for jotting down and keeping track of life, so I'm really pleased with them.

My dad used to teach in the IB program so he went to a few conferences. When he went to one in Toronto he brought me back this ticket stub diary. I've always loved keeping my movie tickets, so that's largely what it's filled with. There is also a bit of writing space next to each slot to keep track of what you saw, where you flew to, or whatever you need. I like to also write in when I saw each movie and who I saw it with, just for the memories.

I would feel bad about the amount of paper I own, and therefore how many trees have died so I can have yet another notebook. But, I recently learned (you learn something new every day) that they don't just pick trees at random to cut down to make paper, they have specific tree farms dedicated to paper making! Like a Christmas tree farm, only less temporary! So, any environmentally-fueled guilt has now passed.

How about you, do you accumulate a lot of journals and notepads? Do you use those stationary pieces?

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