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By Erin MacNeil - 03:00

I have wanted to see the world for a long time. Since leaving school, I've been able to do a bit of travelling, but there are still many, many more countries and areas that I would love to see. Despite the fact that I would like to see, basically, the whole world, I have my top pickes narrowed down.

I thought I would share with you my top ten travel bucket list picks. I won't lie, I hate when people list city, city, city, and then country. So, in order to avoid annoying myself, I decided I would just list the country. Plus, there's always opportunities to learn more about countries, so there is no need to limit oneself by listing only cities!

Sri Lanka
In my forth year of university my Art History prof had planned on doing a class trip to Sri Lanka, but the trip wasn't approved by the university. I have been incredibly annoyed about this for three years, so hopefully one day I'll get to visit. Sri Lanka has so many things that I wanted to see - elephants, temples, forests, pineapple... It looks incredible.

I feel like a lot of this travel bucket list is going to relate back to Art History. But, have you ever seen the Hagia Sophia?! I have - in pictures! I'd love to see it in real life! Turkey also has a really cool history due to its geographical location, nestled right in between Asia and Europe. And it looks beautiful. And you can always hope that Mesut Ozil will be wandering about.*

Between the Rainbow Mountain area, the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, and Lima, Peru looks absolutely fantastic. And alpacas. Alpacas look great. My aunt has been on my case about going to Peru, actually, but for some reason I'm having a difficult time convincing myself that I can get around alone in South America, so I'll have to wait for a travel buddy. But until then, I'll love Peru from afar.

My aunt and uncle lived in Argentina when I was very young, and a few of my other aunts went to visit them, too, so Argentina is a must-see for me, and has been for a long time. From the photos I've seen, the environment reminds me of a sunnier Iceland - beautiful mountains, waterfalls, glaciers... And the cities look really amazing, as well.

Your eyes are flicking to my sidebar as you think 'Isn't she Canadian?', aren't they? I am, indeed, Canadian. And I live in Canada. But I really want to see more of Canada. I've only visited a handful of provinces, I haven't seen any territories, and I want to see it all.

Another Art History connection! I hadn't really thought about what Egypt looked like beyond the pyramids until I was in university. Egyptian history is so connected to that of ancient southern Europe and Asia Minor, so of course there are a lot of influence in Egypt's art and older architecture. But, on top of that, it is an African country, so there are, of course, African influences in its society as well. I would love to see that fusion of cultures and history.

Morocco and Moroccan cities just look so different from what I know and what I am used to. And, I have heard that Morocco is a great place to experience parts of Middle Eastern culture without going to the Middle East (I'm not opposed to the Middle East, but some areas are a bit turbulent right now!). It just all seems so different and incredible. Plus! Who doesn't like Moroccan architecture?!

I don't know what it is about Belgium, but I want to go. So bad. I love looking at pictures of buildings sitting on canals, so I really want to see them in real life. Plus, maybe I'll find a long-lost relation since both of my grandfathers were, what, stationed? in Northern Europe during World War II (it's a joke, but I'm not ruling it out).

United Kingdom
I think I have wanted to see the UK for decades. Seriously. Many of my ancestors are from the UK (just Scotland, let's be real), and I have been to Ireland so I would love to see the other motherland. Plus, there are tons of museums and buildings I want to see, cities I want to explore, and little villages, too.

New Zealand
New Zealand holds an allure similar to that of Argentina - a sunnier Iceland. Except there are more trees than are in Iceland. Mountains, fjords, seismic activity. Add those types of things to beautiful cities and really cool, modern architecture. Plus, my knowledge of New Zealand's history is pretty minimal, so it would be a fantastic opportunity to learn more.

And there you have it! Let me know what places are on your travel bucket lists! Do we have any similar areas? And! Have you visited any of my top ten? Also, just so you know, all of the images used on this post are from the website Pixabay!

* Yes, I know he is German. BUT, he visits Turkey a couple times a year, if Instagram is any indication

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