Boredom Busters

Sometimes we get bored. Plainly, and simply, we humans get bored. We get tired of refreshing Facebook and switching back and forth between Instagram and Twitter, we get tired of sitting on our various blogging platforms or word documents looking for inspiration. We get bored, and sometimes we just can't think of anything better to do with ourselves.

 So, what now? You read a blog post about boredom busters, of course! I've complied a wee list here: ten boredom busters for when you just can't think of anything to do with yourself. I even do most of them myself! They're quite effective.

1. Dig out that colouring book you bought two summers ago and actually use it. I know, it's been awhile for me, too.

2. Plan a trip. Even if you have no opportunity/means/intentions on going on said trip, just plan one. Hit up Trip Advisor and decide how you would spend five days in the UAE. Or something.

3. While you're on Trip Advisor, check out some of your favourite local restaurants and spots. Specifically, look at the terrible reviews and giggle over the dumb comments you find there. It's more fun because you're familiar with these places.

4. Pick a recipe or DIY that you've pinned on Pinterest and actually do it. You'll be doing more with Pinterest than the rest of us usually manage. #braggingrights

5. Take a Google Maps tour of a city. Press the Street View option and zoom through a strange city, two metres at a time.

6. Rearrange your bedroom. Maybe you need a deeper change to bust that boredom? Or maybe you're like me and just like to change things up a bit.

7. Go on a Wiki-bender (I know, I just learned the term, too, and it's absolutely brilliant). Or maybe play the Hitler Game (it sounds more questionable than it really is: select the Random Article option and see how many links it takes you to click to get to the Adolf Hitler article).

8. Do that cleaning you've been meaning to do for weeks. You know: scrubbing the glitter out of your bathtub, washing the toothpaste splatters off of your bathroom mirror, re-pot some plants. All that stuff.

9. Add movies to your List on Netflix (and then watch something else).

10. Take this opportunity to brainstorm some gift ideas for your friends and family. You know, rather than doing said brainstorming the day before someone's birthday, you can just do it today!

Now, what do you think of those? Have I helped bust your boredom at all? For the record, I am particularly fond of boredom buster number five, the Google Maps tour. It really is quite a fun way to spend time (even if Google Maps can get a little bit confusing occasionally).

What other boredom busters do you have?
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