Making Your Life Greener, One Step at a Time

By Erin MacNeil - 17:13

I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but global warming and climate change are not Chinese plots. They're not plots thought up by anyone: they're fact. And, not only are climate change and global warming fact, they are our own fault and we make the situation worse every day. But, there is some good news. We can also do our part to reduce our negative impacts!

Over the past few years I have figured out a few ways to help reduce my impact on the world. One of my favourite changes that I've made is bringing a tote bag with me everywhere. I have accumulated many totes (especially when I was in university - the bookstore only had canvas bags - so it's very easy to find one in my house. And it's seriously so easy: you just tuck a tote into your handbag and away you go! Bring tote bags to the grocery store, when you go shopping... Just bring them everywhere.

I have had a bad habit of letting water run as I brush my teeth. It wasn't necessarily from the time I put toothpaste on the toothbrush until I'm done, but it was a pretty sizable amount of time. So! Rather than let that water pour continuously down the drain for no reason, I have started cutting down on my water usage. How? I fill a cup with water and use that water (and that water only) as I brush my teeth. It takes some time to get used to, but it's pretty effective.

I also like to try to find ways to reuse things. Some of the simplest things to reuse, in my opinion, are little pots like body butter pots. Once I finish the body butter (or the cleansing balm, or whatever) I like to clean the pot and then use them as storage. I have one pot filled with bobby pins, I have another pot filled with pennies (Canada no longer uses pennies, but I still have a lot - maybe I'll do a craft with them) and international coins... They're great for organising small things.

In addition to more utilitarian things, I also like to try to reuse paper as often as I can, especially at work. The company I work for wastes so much paper, so I've made it my mission to turn papers without sensitive information into scrap paper. Tearing the 'used' halves and quarters of paper and using the rest for quick notes and that sort of thing is a great way to both reduce the amount of paper you use, but also reuse what is still good.

And finally, of course, I recycle everything I can't reuse! Thorough recycling may be difficult depending on where you live (even in my home province different towns and cities have different rules!), but I really recommend doing the absolute best job that you can do. I even have a paper bag from Lush that I fill with my bathroom recycling items - toilet paper rolls, the occasional plastic bottle, razor cartridge packaging... Paper, plastic, glass: it can all be recycled and turned into something new.

Hooray for helping the earth! Sometimes, reducing your footprint on the earth can be so easy: there's really no excuse for creating so much waste. I hope my habits helped you, and that they gave you some inspiration for doing your part in helping the planet. I also want to note: sometimes some things that can make a great impact are not possible for you in your current situation and that is okay. In my own life, I can't reduce my car usage. I just cannot not take my own vehicle when I go into town. As long as you try and get creative in your efforts, you're doing your part. I promise.

Do you have any tips and habits that help you look after our big, lovely Earth?

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