Montreal Photo Diary

I think I've mentioned before that for me to travel somewhere, the place first has to feel right. I don't really know how to explain that, but I just need to feel a certain contentedness and comfort with the idea of a city before I visit it. This past winter I played with the idea of visiting several different cities and only one really felt right.

I chose to visit two cities, actually: two cities in one province in my home country of Canada. For the first half of my trip I explored Montreal.

Montreal is the first large city that I've been to*, so it was quite a new experience for me. I learned a bit more about what I like in a place and what I don't. I learned what I want to see and experience in a new place and what I don't need to look for. While there were moments and pieces of Montreal that I absolutely hated, I'm very glad for my time in Montreal.

I stayed largely in the Old Port area of Montreal, venturing a bit farther to get to the must-see spots. My hostel was in the Old Port, most of the restaurants and cafes I wanted to find were in the Old Port, and some of the nicest spots in the city, in my opinion, were in the Old Port.

In my three days in Montreal I got to see a Chagall exhibition, beautiful churches, amazing architecture, sweet museums. I ate fantastic croissants and pastries, climbed hills and mountains, got lost and found myself again, and questioned my accent more than ever. All in all, it was a great trip and I'm so glad Quebec called out to me. I only wish the weather had been nicer.

* Maybe it was just where I centred myself in Bucharest but, despite the fact that it is a nation's capital it didn't feel quite as large to me.
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