Summer Senses

By Erin MacNeil - 19:43

A few months back I wrote a post called Winter Senses. I had wanted it to be something that I did for each season. But, did you see a Spring Senses post in the spring? No. The sad part is that I had it in my head to write one, but then I went to Quebec and forgot all about it. But hey, there's no reason why I can't jump back in, right? Right.

Summer is a bit bitter-sweet as an adult. Oddly, life can't be the way it was when you were in school. You can't just shirk your responsibilities for a few months for summer vacation. You actually do have to do something (work). But you still look forward to the summer months and they really are sweet; you just don't get to experience summer in the same way.

So, in light of that change in experience, it's best to celebrate what you can. I choose to celebrate the summer days I do get to experience (and lament the ones I don't get by complaining with my co-workers).

To keep it short and sweet, my favourite summer sight are lupines. They've been my favourite flowers for a long, long time and they just fill me with summer feels. I especially love when you get just this random clump of lupines in a field, or covering a hill. The only negative is that their lifespan is so short, but they are lovely while they last.

This may seem odd, but I love the sounds that come from a music festival in the distance. In the town I currently live in, and the one in which I was born, there have always been summer music festivals and events. When the wind is blowing in the right direction you can hear the music and the musicians without being there. And it's such a rich sound, you're almost getting the most basic elements of the experience. It's pretty cool to experience, and, actually, quite soothing.

FLOWERS. I mean, obviously flowers would be one of the best scents of the summer. My mother plants a lot of flowers, so for awhile you get the smell of lilac drifting in the breeze, then you get roses. That all said, though, barbecue is also a good summer smell.

I may be stretching the meaning of the word here, but I really don't think that there is a better feeling than a warm wind on a hot day. I wait all year for some nice weather (Canadian winter is six months, after all), and I think we're in a state of permanent wind. So, if it must be windy that wind might as well be warm. It's pretty nice, though, honestly. Refreshing without being cold!

Why did I rope myself into this? Taste is so hard! I suppose there is one type of cookie that I buy only in the summers, and they do remind me a bit of summer when I was small. They are made my Compliments which is a store brand from Sobeys and they are, essentially, thin, pink wafers with strawberry icing in between. They do different flavours (vanilla, chocolate), but for some reason I like the strawberry best.

If you were wondering, I like spending sunny summer days on a lounge chair with a good book. I could work through so many books if I had a whole summer without work! How do you spend you summer days?

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