Winter Senses

I really enjoy winter. Sure, it gets frustrating when you have to shovel your way out of your home, or scrape ice off your car day after day, but winter has its advantages, too. Snow and ice can look so lovely, and there are tons of winter activities. Plus, have you ever tried to curl up under blankets for a movie night in summer heat and humidity? It's not fun.

So, in light of all of the good things about winter, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite bits of the season. Or, at least, the season as I experience it on the east coast of Canada.

Snow isn't always pretty. When it's piled up on the sides of the road and covered in dirt and road salt it is pretty ugly. But, when it is covering bare tree branches it is absolutely lovely. I also really like the look of a dirt road covered in a light layer snow. It just looks so rustic and beautiful.

I love, love, love the sound of snow crunching and squeezing underfoot. Granted, those sounds do typically mean that it is particularly cold outside, but the sound it just so lovely.

It's cold in the winter, so that means you've got to heat your home. My favourite smell during the winter is definitely the smell of wood fire, the smoke coming out of chimneys. It seems that more people now are using oil heating, so it's not as common to sniff out wood fire, but, when you catch a whiff it's, magic.

Oh man, hands wrapped around a mug of warm, you know, liquid. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, whatever. That warmth just cupped in my hands? Perfect. It's the best touch-related thing ever in the chilly winter months. It just feels so comfortable, it's warm but not too hot, the mug is smooth in your hands, the handle is snug around your hand. Such a good sensation

Taste is difficult, there aren't really many things that I eat in winter that I don't eat the rest of the year, and it's not like I can say snow is my favourite taste. I will say that I drink way more hot chocolate this time of year, though. I'm a big fan of packages of hot chocolate that you make at home with water. Nothing fancy, nothing made with milk: just, you know, hot chocolate.

All of this said, I am a bit disappointed with winter thus far. We haven't had snow in quite awhile, so it's just been cold with no fluffy, white reward. Oh well. I won't complain too much, the last few winters have been hard!

Let me know some of your favourite parts about winter! Or, you favourite parts about summer, if you're in the southern hemisphere!
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